My Art Gallery

Kinds Of Paintings

landscape painting

Landscape Painting

Painting showing the beauty of nature lively as well through shadow of mountains, cloudsand greenery.

Adorable Sleeping Ganesha Sand Painting

Sand Painting

Painting of Adorable Ganesha with colorful background. Acrylic Paints and soft sand is used which has a rough surface on canvas.

A Beautiful Couple Knife Painting on canvas

Knife Painting

Beautiful Street Painting of couple on canvas dipicting a couple walking under the street.

texture image

Texture Painting

Painting of a textured Sunflower with Acrylic Paints.They are two different textures given in this painting one on the flower and the other in the background.

Kaashvi Agarwal

I am an artist, a person who is engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art. The person who explores all about creativity and implement them through my personal skills.
                    KaashviArts is an art gallery which showcases different variety of paintings for you all who are interested in creative artwork and purchasing them for injecting some beautiful paintings in their personal space.
                   A single Painting may convey several messages for an individual to understand. So gift your loved once a message by adding colors into their lives.
                      We provide Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Woodcut Paintings for more details please contact us.